Sunset Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous ASC

Sunset Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous ASC

The Sunset Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous ASC (Area Service Committee) meetings typically take place on the second Sunday of each month. The Sunset Coast Area of Narcotics AnonymousSunset Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous ASC ASC meetings are held at 10:00am, within the Veterans Park Fire Station (1885 Veterans Park Drive) in Naples. An ASC is comprised by the participating NA Groups in a given Area. Participants include the Group Service Representatives (GSRs) (or alternate GSRs) from each Group within the Area who meet to discuss and vote-on issues pertinent to the wellbeing of NA. Each ASC elects its own officers: the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and regional committee members (RCMs). The ASC will also have various subcommittees which can include Hospitals and Institutions (H&I), Public Relations, Policy, Literature, Activities and more.

The most important service that an ASC provides is that of its groups’ needs. Whenever a group has a specific situation or need, which it has not been able to handle on its own; it can come to its Area Service Committee for help. These situations are almost limitless in scope; however, we have learned that we can get much accomplished when we work together. An ASC performs other functions which are of help to the groups. It can help groups get started or give aid to floundering groups. It may hold workshops or seminars to train trusted servants. The point is that an ASC handles whatever functions are necessary or helpful to its groups. In order to provide these services, an ASC needs the active participation of its G.S.R.’s. A group supports its Area Service Committee both financially and emotionally. It takes money to provide these services. It is a group’s responsibility to offer this support. However, as an Area grows the financial needs of the committee also grow. In order to provide a full line of services it requires a steady reliable flow of monies. Some areas provide these funds through activities. These alternative sources of financial support are helpful, but the bulk of the responsibility still falls upon the members of the N.A. groups.

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