Sunset Coast Area News

Sunset Coast Area News

This page is devoted to bringing the news discussed by the subcommittees to the recovering addict involved in Sunset Coast Area Narcotics Anonymous. Examples of subcommittees are: Public Relations, Hospitals and Institutions, Activities, and Policy. These subcommittees share the primary purpose of bringing the message of Narcotics Anonymous to the Addict who is still sick and suffering. The subcommittees convene with the groups at Area Service Committee (ASC) to gather a group conscious to continue to find better ways to communicate our message. If you would like to get involved with these subcommittees either come to ASC, which meets every seconds Sunday of the month at the Veterans Park Fire House at 10am, or contact the following email addresses:

Sunset Coast Public Relations:

Sunset Coast Hospitals and Institutions:

Sunset Coast Policy: TBA

Sunset Coast Activities: TBA

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SFRSC Area Additional Needs Guidelines

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General Guidelines For Answering Helpline Calls

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