Sunset Coast Narcotics Anonymous Contacts

The following offers insight on Sunset Coast Narcotics Anonymous contacts. For those experiencing an addiction crisis or in-need of Sunset Coast Narcotics Anonymous Contactsinformation on how to find help, we encourage you to phone the Sunset Coast Helpline. For more general inquiries about the area, home groups, meetings and activities, consider contacting our area Secretary or Public Relations Chair.

Sunset Coast NA Secretary

Sunset Coast NA Public Relations

Sunset Coast NA Policy

Sunset Coast NA Hospitals and Institutions

Sunset Coast Helpline

(239) 451-3275

South Florida Regional Service Committee

The South Florida Regional Service Committee of NA supports recovering addicts within the 13 Areas of Florida, which includes all of us here in The Sunset Coast. Collectively, more than 650 NA meetings occur throughout South Florida each week.  Click here to learn more about programs and activities coordinated by the South Florida Regional Service Committee.

Florida Region of Narcotics Anonymous

On a state level, the Florida Region of Narcotics Anonymous helps support all Areas and Groups by linking them together within the Region. In addition to assisting Regional Areas and Groups with topics of interest vital to their respective areas, the Florida Region helps encourage the growth of the fellowship through Area Support Group meetings, project driven work-groups and consensus based decision making. Click here to access more info on the Florida Region of Narcotics Anonymous.